About Us

30 Years of Quality Service.....

MRF Techniques, Inc. DBA RF Techniques (RFT) is a leading designer and manufacturer specializing in high reliability brazed High Power Resistors, High Power Attenuators and High Power Terminations in Aluminum Nitride (AlN), Alumina & Beryllium Oxide (BeO) substrates for the Microwaves & RF applications. RFT products are 100% manufactured in USA.

RFT utilizes a high temperature brazing process that yields the lowest possible thermal resistance for higher temperature device operation. This proprietary processing also ensures higher reliability and longer performance life, while the high temperature flux less brazing process eliminates the concerns of lead separation during soldering operations and provides a joint without corrosive flux residue. This proven high temperature brazing process improves component reliability and power derating up to 250 deg C. These high reliability resistor products will withstand substantial forces applied to the lead due to different rates of contraction and expansion of the lead during temperature variations.

RFT also offers a wide range of surface mount packages in Aluminum Nitride (AlN), Alumina & Beryllium Oxide(BeO) substrates for the RF or DC applications. Since RF Techniques screen print the metallization in house, we have the capability to modify the part per customers drawing with minimal cost. RF Techniques uses scan trim method to trim the resistors up to 1% tolerance. Scan trimmed parts perform better than the lower cost plunge cut used by most suppliers. Since the assembly is done in house, we have more control on the process.

RFT has the capability to custom manufacture to customer’s specifications. RF Techniques R&D and manufacturing facility is located in San Jose, California, USA. RFT is certified to ISO standard 9001:2008.

RFT products are used in many applications such as: Power amplifiers, Power combiners, Laser system, Power supplies, Isolators, Broadcasting, Antennas, Radio Communications, Test & measurement, Medical equipment (power supply), Base station/ Wireless, Oil rigging equipment, etc.