RFT Flanged RF Microwave Attenuators are high temperature brazed to the heat sink to obtain the lowest thermal resistance and the highest heat dissipation. Flange attenuators are available in single hole flange, double and four hole flange mounting styles. Flange attenuators are constructed in BeO ceramic and brazed or soldered to Nickel plated copper flanges.RFT flanged RF Attenuators are available up to 500 watts covering from DC to 8 GHz applications and offered from 1 to 30 dB values. RFT Attenuators are RoHS compliant. RFT can supply drop in replacement for the legacy products from KDI, Anaren, Florida RF lab and other manufacturers.

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2A100010 Flange Attenuator-BeO
100 Watt  1dB Brazed Attenuator. 250 degree power deration. ‚Äč View Datasheet ..
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